Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship
A Visualization of Networked Interaction

This resource is currently being built by participants in the Digital Polarization Initiative, a cross-institutional university-level project. It contains information on the following subjects:

  • Civic Reasoning: How to make decisions about and with the information you find online. This includes elements associated with digital literacy, but goes beyond traditional models.
  • Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers: An online text teaching basic web literacy skills.
  • Digital Polarization: A look at the question of whether online cultures are pulling us apart or bringing us together. We also review social trends regarding truth, civility, and trust in expertise and institutions more generally.
  • Participatory Propaganda: The ways in which citizens are becoming propagandists, either knowingly, or unwittingly. Thoughts on how to be an ethical propagandist.
  • Weaponized Transparency: How leaks, hacks, doxxing, and other techniques are being used to influence citizenry, suppress targeted views, and create a culture of suspicion.

The project also contains student generated resources that apply Digital Citizenship skills to create reference works to help others. Examples include: