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Welcome to the Dictators Project, here, you may write about Dictators in World History. We also want you to follow the guidelines of this project.

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

When creating a new page for this project, you must:

  • Cover the basics (early life, growing up and rise in dictatorship and step from dictatorship and death), unless your school has their own guidelines.
  • Have at least five pictures related to your topic.
  • Elaborate the details, be specific.
  • Create a timeline if you would like to!
  • Good Grammar, no obvious Bad Grammar.
  • Needs sections, not a wide chunk of text.
  • Add {{<--Under construction-->}} at the top.

Well, now you know. So Get Started!

Get started![edit | edit source]

Existing Pages[edit | edit source]

Dictators/Benito Mussolini/National Fascism Party