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w:Hashicorp Vault[1], first released in April 2015, is a software which provides secrets management, identity-based access, encrypting application data and auditing of secrets (sensitive data).

To install vault in MacOS execute brew install vault

vault --help
Usage: vault <command> [args]

Common commands:
    read        Read data and retrieves secrets
    write       Write data, configuration, and secrets
    delete      Delete secrets and configuration
    list        List data or secrets
    login       Authenticate locally
    agent       Start a Vault agent
    server      Start a Vault server
    status      Print seal and HA status
    unwrap      Unwrap a wrapped secret

Other commands:
    audit          Interact with audit devices
    auth           Interact with auth methods
    kv             Interact with Vault's Key-Value storage
    lease          Interact with leases
    namespace      Interact with namespaces
    operator       Perform operator-specific tasks
    path-help      Retrieve API help for paths
    plugin         Interact with Vault plugins and catalog
    policy         Interact with policies
    print          Prints runtime configurations
    secrets        Interact with secrets engines
    ssh            Initiate an SSH session
    token          Interact with tokens

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