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Filmmaking Software Review[edit | edit source]

Narrative Film Production:
Free Software for Filmmaking
DAZ Studio version 1

DAZ Studio[edit | edit source]

This is an interesting program. Even though parts of the program are extremely annoying, I recommend that you download and learn to use this program.
This first version of the program is fully working but not necessarily perfectly. The version I downloaded still had some of the debugging features turned on. (version
Also, in this version, the human interface is occasionally extremely stupid. The program cannot remember the file name when you want to save a new version. This is a feature that even the simplist Macintosh programs offer.
The good news is when you try to produce artwork using this program, most the features for doing this work very well. That much they did right.
Latest download edition is now 1.7 (sept 07) and is an excellent program and easy to use.

The history of DAZ Studio and Poser[edit | edit source]

As best that I can figure, there is a breif history of Poser and DAZ.
  • Poser was born.
  • Poser and DAZ (formerly Zygote) meet and fell in love. Poser provided the software and Zygote provide the models.
  • Poser and DAZ had a divorce, arguing over the direction they should go and the file format.
  • DAZ created DAZ Studio to draw people away from Poser.
  • DAZ became busy with other things and let DAZ Studio slide.
  • Now Poser 7 seems to have jumped far ahead of DAZ Studio.
  • DAZ needs to get serious about DAZ Studio. End of story.

Uses at WikiU Film School[edit | edit source]

  • For 3D storyboards
  • Movie poster creation
  • Animation

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