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Logo of the Daða Miners and Travailleuse psychique workers union ÐعM提п

The purpose of the damtp commons is to disrupt detourne and destory the process of (both physical and psychical) capital accumulation. And at the same time empower the labourers and workers in this process.

We propose the name ÐعM提п to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

  • damtp is about liberating all private property (capital) as Common Property (labour) of the workers through the general Obschina council of workers: through a psychic workers union council. to empower the reproductive workers union (communisation of all privacy) and productive workers (commons of all property) over the destructive workers (enslavement of all common property)

  • The psychic workers are first of all composed of the Dead Workers Union and so we declare all property as commonly owned by all dead workers too. Anyone living or dead can be a psychic worker by asserting their name and making public their position

  • the role of data miners and psychic workers is to find and amplify the voices of reproductive, productive and destructive workers who are not in unions or councils.

  • All who contributed to production can lay claim to it. All who have possession of such property must pass it on to those who have produced it and those that may need or want it.

  • Any of those who have produced the work can make decisions on what should be done with it.

  • All individuals are limited to one copy for immediate personal consumption and use. Further items or copies held in any location means that the said location must be an open access archive or library for the general public use and consumption.

  • No personal profit can be made. Any money generated must be put back into workers organising activities - for which any workers union can assert a claim.

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