DADA 99th anniversary celebration/Metagraphy session

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video of session with introduction from Redas and Asim

Introduction[edit | edit source]

3 educational situations are talked about:

  1. Independent Art School: An organisation that grew out of a student sit-in at the Red Gallery at Hull Art School
  2. University of Openess: An experiment in collaborative learning
  3. Wikimedia Foundation: a wide variety of different educational situations coming together in a stable sustainable platform

Session on metagraphy/ hypergraphy and situgraphy[edit | edit source]

A collective metagraphy session. The second experiment in DesaKalaPatraGraphic metagraphy or metaDKPgraph: derived from Isou's metagraphic "test of forms": the three metagraphic forms are mapped onto the 3 DKP planes