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What's the Date?[edit | edit source]

The following is a handy formula for expressing the date in Czech:

den, datum měsíc rok = (Week-)day, date month year.

Dates in Czech are little-endian. You'll note the month is not capitalised as it typically is in English. Furthermore the genitive case is used, because you're talking about the eleventh day of September, and not the eleventh September. The date is usually written as a numeral immediately followed by a period (.), indicating that it is an ordinal number.

As a final note, in the Czech Republic, most people express the shorthand date: DD.MM.YYYY.

For Example...[edit | edit source]

  • 5. října 1936 ("pátého října, devatenáct set třicet šest"): Václav Havel's birthdate.
  • 1. ledna 1993 ("prvního ledna, devatenáct set devadesát tři"): the "Velvet Divorce" leads to the creation of the Czech Republic.

Months in Czech[edit | edit source]

Czech is one of several languages that do not use the Latin names for months which are common in western Europe. Here are the months of the year in Czech:

měsíc = month
Month Locative
"in ..."
"the 'nth' of ..."
1 leden v lednu ledna from led = ice
2 únor v únoru února from nořiti = to sink, ice breaks and sinks into the water
3 březen v březnu března most likely from březí = pregnant (of an animal) or from bříza = birch tree
4 duben v dubnu dubna from dub = oak tree
5 květen v květnu května from květ = flower, the month plants are in bloom
6 červen v červnu června origin unclear, derives from either červ = worm (worms eating fruit), or from červená = red (colour of ripe fruit)
7 červenec v červenci července month of ripening ("reddening") fruit
8 srpen v srpnu srpna most likely from Lithuanian sirpsti = to ripen (Czech zrát), could also be derived from srp = sickle (month of the harvest)
9 září v září září from za říje = in the rut or rutting season
10 říjen v říjnu října from říje = rut
11 listopad v listopadu listopadu month of falling leaves, from list (leaf) + padat (to fall)
12 prosinec v prosinci prosince origin unclear, most likely derived from siný = pale, grey

Seasons[edit | edit source]

roční období = seasons of the year.

  • jaro = spring
  • léto = summer
  • podzim = autumn
  • zima = winter

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References[edit | edit source]

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