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Looking at the Content[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Content includes strategies, curriculum, and resources

Resources include the materials and equipment required to support the learning of content and skills. Although the most common resources include textbooks and other written materials, other resources may be required, preferred, or optional.

It may be useful to ask questions about:

1. Resources required to complete activities

  • What resources (machinery and equipment, workbooks, reference materials, ingredients or chemicals) are essential for this training?
  • What resources would be useful (though not necessarily essential)?

2. Resources familiar to this audience:

  • What resources have been used in the past? Were these useful?
  • What resources are easily available?
  • Are resources culturally appropriate?

3. Additional resources recommended:

  • If this training takes place over an extended part of the day, will meals, beverages, and snacks be provided?
  • Can you assume that all learners will bring their own learning materials (pens, pencils, notebooks, computers, calculators etc.)?
  • Will additional materials be needed for assessments?

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