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Welcome to the Database of Cultural Encounters.

The Erasmus IP project in which this database was created is now in its final stage and we hope that the database will continue to be used and enlarged not only by those involved in the project but by the general public as well. All contributions to the resource are very welcome.

This resource was created by the Cultural Landscapes: Negotiating Cultural Encounters with the English-Speaking World Erasmus Intensive Programme (project codes ERA-IPR-O4/11, ERA-IPR-08/12, ERA-IPR-17/13) and takes a close and critical look at the cultural differences and barriers encountered in interaction with English-speaking countries and the specificities of English-mediated intercultural communication.

The countries taking part in the Erasmus Summer School are Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia. In the seminar part of the project, conducted as summer schools in Glasgow (2012), Swansea (2013) and Newcastle upon Tyne (2014), each group includes students from several universities and addresses a particular topic from a cross-cultural point of view. The subpage will normally include a discussion of cultural differences in the chosen field, with implications for potential sources of problems in intercultural communication and strategies on how to deal with them.

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