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Chapter 3. Special Provisions[edit | edit source]

Section 3.1 Such phonemic shifts, as may be shown in phonetic hangul, and as to be reflected in romanization are illustrated case by case in the following.

3.1.1 The case of phonetic assimilation between consonants nearby

백마 [뱅마] Baengma 신문로 [신문노] Sinmunno 종로 [종노] Jongno
왕십리 [왕심니] Wangsimni 별내 [별래] Byeollae 신라 [실라] Silla

3.1.2 The case of epenthetic 'ㄴ, ㄹ'

학여울 [항녀울] Hangnyeoul 알약 [알략] allyak

3.1.3 The case of palatalization

해돋이 [해도지] haedoji   같이 [가치]    gachi  맞히다 [마치다] machida

3.1.4 The case of 'ㄱ, ㄷ, ㅂ, ㅈ' being merged with 'ㅎ' nearby and aspirated into 'ㅋ, ㅌ, ㅍ, ㅊ', respectively

좋고 [조코] joko 놓다 [노타] nota
잡혀 [자펴] japyeo 낳지 [나치] nachi

Yet, this does not apply to substantives.

묵호 Mukho 집현전 Jiphyeonjeon

3.1.4 Note Glottalization may be ignored.

압구정 Apgujeong 낙동강 Nakdonggang 죽변 Jukbyeon 낙성대 Nakseongdae
합정 Hapjeong 팔당 Paldang  샛별   Saetbyeol  울산 Ulsan

Section 3.2 A hyphen /-/ may be used wherever a syllabic confusion may exist.

중앙 Jung-ang 반구대 Ban-gudae
세운 Se-un 해운대 Hae-undae

Section 3.3 The initial of a proper noun is capitalized.

부산 Busan 세종 Sejong

Section 3.4 The family name is followed by a space and the given name.

민용하 Min Yongha (Min Yong-ha) 송나리 Song Nari (Song Na-ri)

3.4.1 The romanization of personal names ignores phonetic shifts that may occur in them.

한복남 Han Boknam (Han Bok-nam) 홍빛나 Hong Bitna (Hong Bit-na)

3.4.2 The romanization of family names may be decided elsewhere.

Section 3.5 Administrative units '도, 시, 군, 구, 읍, 면, 리, 동, 가' are romanized respectively as /do, si, gun, gu, eup, myeon, ri, dong, ga/ with a hyphen in front. The assimilation, if any, around the hyphen is ignored.

충청북도 Chungcheongbuk-do 제주도 Jeju-do 의정부시 Uijeongbu-si
양주군 Yangju-gun 도봉구 Dobong-gu 신창읍 Sinchang-eup
삼죽면 Samjuk-myeon 인왕리 Inwang-ri 당산동 Dangsan-dong
봉천1동 Bongcheon 1(il)-dong 종로 2가 Jongno 2(i)-ga 퇴계로 3가 Toegyero 3(sam)-ga

3.5 Note Such administrative units as '시, 군, 읍' may be omitted.

청주시 Cheongju 함평군 Hampyeong 순창읍 Sunchang

Section 3.6 Names of geographical designations, cultural assets, and constructed artifacts may be romanized without any hyphen /-/.

남산 Namsan  속리산  Songnisan 금강 Geumgang
독도 Dokdo 경복궁 Gyeongbokgung 무량수전 Muryangsujeon
연화교 Yeonhwagyo 극락전 Geungnakjeon 안압지 Ananpji
남한산성 Namhansanseong 화랑대 Hwarangdae 불국사 Bulguksa
현충사 Hyeonchungsa 독립문 Dongnimmun 오죽헌 Ojukheon
촉석루 Chokseongnu 종묘 Jongmyo 다보탑 Dabotap

Section 3.7 Tthe name of natural and legal persons may remain the same as romanized previously.

Section 3.8 Where the recovery of the canonic hangul is required in special areas such as academic articles, that hangul shall be transliterated into Roman letters. In this case, the transliteration shall accord to Chapter 2 except that 'ㄱ, ㄷ, ㅂ, ㄹ' shall be constantly rendered as /g, d, b, l/. The voiceless 'ㅇ' shall be rendered as a hyphen /-/ which may be omitted when it is the initial of a word. The hyphen may also be used where syllables should be made distinct.

jib jip bakk
gabs 붓꽃 buskkoch 먹는 meogneun
독립 doglib 문리 munli 물엿 mul-yeos
굳이 gud-i 좋다 johda  가곡  gagog
조랑말 jolangmal 없었습니다 eobs-eoss-seubnida