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Welcome![edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Creative writing resource center! This center is not intended as a forum to create more resources; rather as a place to coordinate creative writing learning on Wikiversity and other Wiki projects. If you would like to visit another resource center, please see the resource center directory. For the creation of new resources, please see these centers for creative writing learning:

Now hiring[edit | edit source]

The creative writing resource center needs your help! Our center may look great, but some of our resources still don't. If you have any interest in or knowledge of creative writing, then please clean up and add content to our resources! It is especially important that you join the community--see the Writing center and the Fiction writing support group. Please help make this a great tool for writers everywhere!

Bulletin board[edit | edit source]

Please keep posts current and relevant--posts more than six months old or unrelated to creative writing will be deleted

  • 21 March 2009 - center founded!

Resources[edit | edit source]