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Suggestions for contributing to this competency based course    [edit | edit source]

This learning content and its associated assessment [cite] are competency based, which means learners are assessed via an evaluation of their performance in some task or behavior. That task or behavior will simulate, as authentically as possible, a real task or behavior that gets performed in the professional world.

For contributors, it follows that some knowledge of what tasks learners will be asked to demonstrate, as well as how they will be evaluated, is needed in order to know how best to contribute.    

Competency Statement: The competency statement is a concise description of the knowledge or skills that will be assessed, and that are the desired results of instruction. For example, if a competency statement reads “Develop a project charter for a project,” the assessment would require learners to actually develop a project charter for a project.    

For this project, learners are asked to create a human resources training and development plan using the ADDIE instructional design model.    

Assessment Rubric: A rubric enumerates the criteria by which a learner’s performance will be evaluated. View the rubric for this “Create a training and development plan” course.    

Assessment Documentation: Some assessments may have related documents, e.g. templates, that students will be asked to use as part of the assessment. View the template for this “Create a training and development plan” course.