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Icon that shows that the student activity is to write a small documentation, essay or report e.g. for a learning task
SVG Icon to indicated e.g. Wiki2Reveal presentation

This learning resource supports you in creating icons for Wikiversity articles. Icons can be used indicate

  • learning tasks,
  • interactive visualisation,
  • application of specific software in the learning task (Geogebra constructions, spreadshet documents with sample data, ....) or
  • the theoretical background for the learning resource (e.g. the underlying concepts of Linear Regression, that learners are exposed to in the learning task with sample data)

Learning Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • use existing icons in WikiCommons first in the sandbox and try a arrange a standard page for your type of learning resources you want to create for a specific topic,
  • Create an Icon in LibreOffice or InkScape and export the icon in SVG,
  • Explain, why it is an advantage to export icons in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format in comparison to a raster format (e.g. click on the images on the right and scale them). Search a raster image (e.g. PNG format) and scale the image in same way.
  • use icons in MediaWiki templates to create a standard structure of visualisations,
  • Identify use-cases for icons and describe who they could help learners to find there way through the learning resource.
  • See also Inline Icons for Wikiversity Learning Resources and identify how you can use those icons in learning resource you contribute author.

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