Corporate social responsibility/Free laptop/get in contact with schools/universities which can help us with the project

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Below some schools/ universities that can maybe help us with the project.

Experience with OLPC[edit | edit source]

We could get in contact with schools who have already experience with OLPC. One example is,_Winneba_-_Kumasi. We could ask the following questions:

  • the project was in 2012 (is this correct?)
  • what are the results now?
  • do they have tips for our project?
  • can they share information/ documents?
  • TD: think of more/ better questions

Issues[edit | edit source]

reaction expected

  • On 20.10.13 Tim left the following message on the website of the University of Education: Dear sir/ madam, RuralWeb (an African/ Dutch community) is developing a plan to get OLPC laptops to a community in Brong Ahafo. Since the University of Education started a similar initiative we were wondering if you can help us? On the English wikiversity (see link below) you can find more information about our project. Regards, Tim Ruijters