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  • In this project we want to build an app for people who want to give away products for free.
  • The project is called Fakye. Fakye is Akan language and means 'give away'.

Status[edit | edit source]

Because we lack Android development skills we started the part-up 'Learn Android development' in February 2016. See for more info.

To-do[edit | edit source]

Action Status Month Action holder Remarks
Ontology Open Q4 2015 Team
Mockups Open Q4 2015 Team
Find plugin Open Q4 2015 Team
WordPress installation Done Q4 2015 Richard
Find provider Done Q4 2015 Richard

Possible actions[edit | edit source]

  • Explore eBay
  • WordPress plugins
  • Build prototype:
    • We considered to build our first first prototype with MIT's App Inventor.
    • We also asked a programmer what it would cost to make a website.
    • Maybe we should adjust the car manager plugin: The maker of this plugin told us that there are beter starting points. On 10.09.15 Timboliu contacted the plugin-maker to ask for more information.
  • Crowd sourcing: what do we need to start a campain? we could also focus on creating a first prototype
  • Existing companies

Questions[edit | edit source]

  • Should we start with a website or only make an Android app?

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