Core Knowledge and cultural literacy (US)

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Organization of the stream[edit | edit source]

Lower school: The first eleven units in this stream comprise a U.S. grammar school, or combined elementary and middle school, curriculum. This includes a prepatory sequence as might be encountered for pre-school and/or kindergarten.

Upper school: The final four units in this stream comprise a U.S. high school curriculum.

Units in Core Knowledge and cultural literacy (US)[edit | edit source]

Early Learning Essentials

   * P1-CKP01: Essential Preschool I
   * P2-CKP02: Essential Preschool II
   * J0-CKK01: Essential Kindergarten

Grade School Essentials

   * J1-CKG01: Essential 1st Grade
   * J2-CKG02: Essential 2nd Grade
   * J3-CKG03: Essential 3rd Grade
   * J4-CKG04: Essential 4th Grade
   * J5-CKG05: Essential 5th Grade
   * M1-CKG06: Essential 6th Grade
   * M2-CKG07: Essential 7th Grade
   * M3-CKG08: Essential 8th Grade

High School Essentials

   * S1-CKG09: Essential  9th Grade
   * S2-CKG10: Essential 10th Grade
   * S3-CKG11: Essential 11th Grade
   * S4-CKG12: Essential 12th Grade