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The content of the instruction should provide contextualizing elements (collaboration, role play, case

studies) that permit for multiple and varied perspectives. Contextualizing also helps link ideas to

prior knowledge. Learners bring experience that is unique to their cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

When developing or modifying instructional materials for the interpersonal domain, the instructor

should ask these questions:

content forthcoming

Look for material that engages students in:

  • peer-sharing
  • cooperative learning
  • large group simulation

Instructional and assessment activities should draw upon the following elements:

  • Listening and communicating
  • Interpersonal interactions
  • Team games
  • Questionnaires, surveys, and activities which require gathering input from others
  • Cooperative learning
  • Leadership activities
  • Peer Activities such as counseling and tutoring

The material should be designed to develop:

  • listening skills
  • person-to-person communication
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • talking to others
  • teamwork

Need to combine above elements...

Motivation and decision making should be built in to the materials being developed. Develop the

materials so that the instructor is not built into the process.

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