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Create an opening in an existing CMU wall[edit | edit source]

This lesson will attempt to explain in detail how to create an opening in a Concrete Masonry Wall. There are several ways to accomplish this task. Options for each will be explained and each worker will have to use his best judgement on how to proceed.

  • An inspection of the wall where the opening is to be made should be done. Cracks or damaged CMU that decrease the ridgity of the wall should be repaired before any demolition is done. Loose CMU above should be replaced.
  • If the area where the opening is to be made has any obstructions they should be removed to prevent damage and obstructions create hazards for workers.
  • Plastic screen walls are recommended for dust protection.
  • Always use proper circuit breakers and grounded electrical cords if electrical hand tools are being used.
  • Gas powered tools should have proper ventilation while in use.

Safety Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Demolishing Masonry is, by its nature, a hazardous job. Eye protection, gloves, proper shoes, and hard hats are absolutely mandatory. Scaffolding, and Tools are also very important. Please do not attempt to do this type work without well maintained equipment.