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Drawings[edit | edit source]

Photocopy of original construction drawing, undated. (Original print in the possession of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District, Portland, OR.) PROPOSED EXTENSION TO HAER ORE,26-BONV,2-B-12.tif

To complete a project , a builder requires accurate information about it. This applies weather the project is as simple as a box or as complicated as high-rise office tower.

Information for completing a project is provided by drawings and specifications. Drawings provide building dimensions, materials, and details of construction. Specifications give more detail on construction procedures and standards required for building materials and quality of construction. Simpler buildings, such as houses, may contain the specifications and all other pertinent information on the drawings in the form of notes. The drawings are known as "working drawings". Working drawings are sometimes referred to as "blueprints", a term that's a carryover from the past when all prints had a blue background with white lines and type.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Specifications are instructions on how or what to build. They are descriptive and usually cannot be placed on a drawing.