Conservation Entrepreneurship/Class Outlines and Readings

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Class 1 January 7

  • Introduce concept of shared vision
  • Introductions
  • How this course came about and where I'm coming from
  • Introduce Senge's 5 Disciplines, Covey's 7 habits, Drucker's concept of the knowledge worker
  • Course goals and expectations

Class 2 January 14

  • Assignment: review business plans, summarize one on wikiversity, present a business venture idea of your own, identify and present on wikiversity one social entrepreneur
  • Non-profits vs. for-profits
  • Greening business (present and discuss various handouts)

Class 3 January 21

  • Reed Dees et al Chapters 1 and 3
  • Because of student turnover prior to this class, redo introductions and review classes 1 and 2
  • Brand value
  • Value proposition; product vs. commodity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Triple Bottom Line

Class 4 January 28

  • Read Drucker Chapter 12, Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Deja Shoes and Perez Companc case studies
Class 5 February 4
  • Read Senge, Kleiner, Roberts, Ross and Smith. 1994. The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and tools for building a learning organization.

pp. 13-52.

  • Read Drucker, The Essential Drucker. pp 20-27.
  • Site visits to 3 Gainesville social entrepreneurs: Volta, Indigo and Alternatives
Class 6 February 11:
  • Read Dees, et al. Chapter 8
  • Discuss competencies of the 3 Gainesville social entrepreneurs
  • Discuss course project, how we want to work together, and topics / schedule for remainder of semester
February 18:
  • Read Dees, et al. Chapter 10
  • Discuss Business Plans

Assignment for this week: Please go to and look under "comments and evaluation". There are 7 headings. Under each heading I would like 2 entries for each business. That is, under value proposition, there would be 2 entries for Volta, 2 for Indigo, 2 for Alternatives. Same for customers, same for competitors, etc.

This would be a total of 42 entries: 7 topics x 3 businesses x 2 different student perspectives. I suggest that each class member make 7 entries. That could be any combination of headings and businesses, first come, first served -- just don't everybody answer the same headings for the same businesses.