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Differences and Similarities between For-Profit and Non-Profit enterprises[edit | edit source]

We discussed the similarities and differences between For Profit and Non-Profits: (this is not an exhaustive list of course! Feel free to add to it)

  • Board of directors
  • legal entities (articles, incorporation, statutes, incorporation)
  • tax responsibilities
  • vary in size (small to large)
  • compensation of participants
  • importance of efficiency
  • competition (funding, recognition)
  • constituents(p: shareholders, customers, employees, funders)(np: employees, donors, recipients)
  • loans
  • deliverables (goals, services)

Differences For-Profit Non-Profit
  • Distribution of money
  • Liquidation of assets- where does it go?
  • Taxes
  • Public expectation of compensation
  • Free labor
  • Distribute
  • Owners
  • Taxable
  • High
  • Volunteers
  • Reinvest
  • Beneficiaries
  • Tax exempt
  • Low
  • Interns

What about corporate responsibility?

  • see class handouts