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Projeto Iauaretê*

Projeto Iauaretê Website (in construction)

Author: Emiliano 17:08, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

* Iauaretê means "real jaguar" in the indigenous Tupi-guarani language. It is also used in a tale by a very famous Brazilian writer called Guimarães Rosa. The tale is called "Meu tio Iauaretê" and it is about a hunter that is paid to exterminate jaguars and ends up transforming himself into a jaguar. Very interesting story, unfortunately no English version. If anyone wants to have a Portuguese copy I can provide one.

The way forward: Results of our team meeting on 3/23/09

Section Leaders:

Value Proposition: Group

Market and Competition ("background environment"): Ryan

Strategy (Product pricing, manufacture, marketing, distribution): Tim

People (Organization and Management): Emiliano

Linkages (Partnerships and Stakeholders): Brian

Financial: Mira