Computer science brainstorming

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Computer science brainstorming experiment[edit | edit source]

... Collaboration can create pretty amazing things it seems.

Tools for collaboration must be created. If they are open, a profit is less likely to be reaped. Technical support can be a means to attain a profit.

Programming requires the use of a programming language. These languages you must learn. In theory, programming is straight forward, as math can be. One must have an "ahha" moment, where things click, and then one understands a concept. What leads up to this "ahha" moment? Is there a way to go from point A (no understanding of a fundamental concept) to point B (where an abstract concept is understood) in a more efficient manner? Is it a matter of how things are explained? Could there be a standard model for explaining abstract concepts that can be understood in a maximally efficent manner?

Programming... semantic prosthetic... cheat sheets... programming... concepts... flow... making it all work.