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Management Office for the Construction Area[edit | edit source]

This office is responsible for management and coordination of all construction activities for the School of Computer Science at Wikiversity. Below is a list of pages that need your help. When helping to make this a better school, we all should adhere to our own set construction rules as listed below:

  1. You must first register as an active participant at this school.
  2. All your construction activities here should be guided by the school's leadership.
  3. Must be aware of your construction site. Are you building on the main ground, the extended area or the campus area?
  4. Edit this list with this understanding that these rules apply to all builders at this school.

Thanks for helping out[edit | edit source]

This resource is just getting off the ground, and every little bit helps.

Due to the limited amount of contributors editing pages, most courses have been abandoned. If you have a particular interest or knowledge base to draw from, you might want to look at our Course Listing and see if there is a relevant lesson in need of some TLC. If it does not exist, feel free to create it.

Pages in Critical Condition[edit | edit source]

These pages are stubs, possibly in danger of deletion. Any sort of help is beneficial:

Pages in Need of a Makeover[edit | edit source]

These pages are poorly formatted, and need some organization of the material already created:

Tasks Around the Department[edit | edit source]