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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The CPU is one of the most important components in computer architecture.

This course introduces students to the core concepts of Computer Architecture - including hardware components, assembly languages, and pipelining.

Due to the open nature of Wikiversity you are free to browse through these courses at whatever pace you desire. However, before you begin this course you should consider reviewing the material covered in the perquisite courses (listed below) to ensure that you are prepared to learn this content.

In each lesson there is an objective at the top of the page, review these points and keep them in mind as you go through the lesson. At the end there is an assignment to test your understanding and further explain the material. Once you have finished the entire course you may move on to another course in the unofficial degree.

(Note: Many of these lessons are stubs, and they need a lot of help. Please excuse the mess - and help out if you can!).

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Prerequisites are courses it is suggested you understand before you attempt this course. If you're having a hard time understanding the material in this course, make sure you understand these prerequisites first.

Lessons[edit | edit source]

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  1. Introduction 00%
  2. Central Processing Unit 00%
  3. Control Unit 00%
  4. Memory Organization 00%
  5. Input Output Organization 00%
  6. Overview of Operating System 00%
  7. Instruction Set Architectures 00%
  8. Pipelining 00%
  9. Memory Hierarchies (Caches) 00%
  10. Instruction Level Parallelism 00%

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