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General introduction to the group

We have a very heterogeneuos and interdisciplinary group in this class, representing a diversity of students, research associates and faculty, including ecologists, anthropologists, sociologists, with people working in different parts of Latin America, Africa and the United States. We have also people accompanying and contributing from a far, including students in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Brazil and a non UF contributor from Germany interested in systems theory (Erkan). Some expectations expressed by participants relate to interest in pursuing a better understanding of how resilience might be applied to social contexts and, more broadly, to research in the social sciences. people also mentioned interest in exploring the applications of resilience thinking to climate change and natural disasters. Claudia mentioned her interest in understanding better the concept of robustness as applied to socio-ecological systems.


1. Adam Watts – UF/SNRE

2. André Baby – UF – Visiting Scholar (ACLI)

3. Arika Virapongse – UF/SNRE/TCD

4. Caitlin Baird – UF/Anthropology

5. Claudia Monzon – UF/SNRE/TCD

6. Claudia Romero – UF/Biology

7. Danielle Watts – UF/SNRE

8. David Hanson – UF

9. Erkan Yilmaz – Germany

10. Flavia Leite – UF/Sociology

11. Franklin Paniagua – UF/SNRE/TCD

12. Grenville Barnes - UF/SFRC/TCD/African Studies

13. Jennifer Arnold – UF/SNRE

14. Jeremy Radachowsky – Guatemala

15. Julia Quaedvlieg – UF/Sociology

16. Laura Avila – UF/SNRE/TCD

17. Lisandro Juno – UF/ Visiting Scholar (ACLI)

18. Marliz – UF/Sociology

19. Raissa Guerra – UF/SNRE/TCD

20. Renato Farias – UF – Visiting Scholar (ACLI)

21. Ricardo Mello – UF/SNRE

22. Sam Schramski – UF/SNRE

23. Shelly Johnson – UF/SNRE/SFRC

24. Thaissa Sobreiro – UF/SNRE

25. Wendy-Lin Bartels - UF/Florida Climate Institute/ACLI

26. Xanic Rondon – UF/Sociology