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COMMUNICATION SKILLS This has to do with the method, way or strategy through which communication is done successfully. One thing about communication is that we have the speakers and listeners, there is no way you would communicate without speaking, and you can't speak when there is no listener; there are various communication skills, we have some of them below  :

  • listening skills

You can't communicate to someone who doesn't listen it's just like screaming in a dessert. A good listener must pay good attention to the speaker, not just pay attention to hear but to understand what ever that is being said. A good listener must be able to provide answers when ever a question is being asked about the topic discussed. Once again he or she must have a good listening ears. Expression: A good speaker must be able to express him or herself very well in a suitable language which the listener will understand. A good speaker is important during communication, a good speaker must be audible and bold, a good speaker must speak fluently and express themselves in a good way. Interpretation: if the listeners can't interprete the information passed to them then the communication here is void and useless.

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