Communication and Identities in Institutional Arenas - Part I/Tuesday 25 January

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Week 4 Tuesday 25 January Sal F133 09.30-14.30[edit | edit source]

Theme - Course introduction & intersectionality[edit | edit source]

We will discuss the following:

  • Wikiversity as a learning resource
  • KOIIA-I course and its different components
  • Introduction to intersectionality
  • Literature for discussion:

De los Reyes, Paulina & Mulinari, Diana (2005): Intersektionalitet: kritiska reflektioner over (o)jämlikhetens landskap, 141 s. Malmö: Liber
European Journal of Women’s Studies (2006) Volume 13 (3) s. 187-290, 103 s. Sage Journals, Online.
McCall, Leslie (2005): The complexity of intersectionality. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 3 (3) s. 1771-1800, 29 s.
Staunaes, Dorthe (2003): Where have all the subjects gone? Bringing the concepts of intersectionality and subjectification, s. 101-110, 9 s. NORA Volume 11 (2)

In preparation for our first campus meeting, participants are encouraged to write a literature log for each of the studied texts. The log can include a summary, central concepts and important points for discussion.

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