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Your environment is your surrounding!


Two kinds of environments[edit]

Physical enivronment
  1. Physical - the objects/things around you.
  2. Psychological - the attitudes and emotions of people around you.

Both physical and psychological environment influences the way you look, think, and act. Character helps us distinguish right from wrong. Emulation is when you do what most people around you. Ex: Everyone drinks a 1 1/2 cup of coffee, then you go and get a 1 1/2 cup of coffee to drink


The exchange of information between 1, 2, or 3 (and even more) people.

4 parts of communication[edit]

  1. Sender - Person gives the message
  2. Message - The info being sent
  3. Receiver - Person getting message
  4. Feedback - Response or answer the receiver gives.

2 major types of communication[edit]

  1. Verbal: Oral language (Spoken or Written), such as sign language, braille, vocal noises, etc.,.
  2. Non-verbal: Body language (facial expressions, hand and arm gestures, etc.,.)

Communication skills/strategies[edit]

  1. Tone of your voice
  2. Dress appropriately
  3. Good listener
  4. Be aware of non-verbal messages
  5. Don't interrupt/jump the gun
  6. Ask questions to understand
  7. Strong emotions can interfere with communication.
  8. Show respect
  9. Accept responsibility
  10. Avoid unfocused criticism.