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Algebra and Functions

Objectives and Skills

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Objectives and skills for the algebra and functions portion of CLEP College Mathematics include:[1]

  • Solving equations, linear inequalities, and systems of linear equations by analytic and graphical methods
  • Interpretation, representation, and evaluation of functions: numerical, graphical, symbolic, and descriptive methods
  • Graphs of functions: translations, horizontal and vertical reflections, and symmetry about the x-axis, the y-axis, and the origin
  • Linear and exponential growth
  • Applications


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  1. Review the following MathsIsFun resources and complete the questions at the bottom of each page:
    • Linear Equations and Inequalities
    1. Introduction to Algebra
    2. Algebra - Basic Definitions
    3. Linear Equations
    4. Explore the Properties of a Straight-Line Graph
    5. Introduction to Inequalities
    6. Solving Inequalities
    7. Graphing Linear Inequalities
    8. Systems of Linear Equations
    • Functions
    1. What is a Function?
    • Graphs of Functions
    1. Graph of an Equation
    2. Function Grapher and Calculator
    • Linear and Exponential Growth
    1. Exponents
    2. Exponential Growth and Decay


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