Collaborative project-based learning

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Introduction to CPBL[edit | edit source]

Let's familiarize yourself to CPBL first. By the end of this module, you will be able to define collaborative project-based learning.

What is CPBL?[edit | edit source]

Collaborative project-based learning is an instructional method based on constructivist learning theory, in which learners work on an authentic, ill- defined project in a group and demonstrate their understanding by performing the project. In CPBL, learners constantly involve in problem solving in which they apply their content knowledge to address real-world issues.

Reading about it does not help you get your head around it. Watch the following video to get a sense what is CPBL. While watching it,try to answer the following questions while watching the video.

  • How it is different from traditional instruction,
  • Why it is good,
  • What are learning outcomes

Introduction to CPBL