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The goal of this collaborative writing project is to produce a theatrical version of the science fiction ghost story Moon Hammer. The goal is to create a modern theatrical experience similar to the The War of the Worlds as presented by radio in 1938.

Dedication[edit | edit source]

Dedicated to the spirit of Orson Welles.


Unnammed Announcer for Campus Radio. James Craven - Newsreader for Campus Radio's London division. Andrew Carter - Oxford University Student , reporter for Campus Radio.. Donald Murphy - Internet News Bloggers Association member and program narrator


.. and tonight we present yet more of the strange and possibly True facts from The Desk, we have the latest free releases in 'Music for the Common Man", and Why you should never beam down in a read shirt.


This is Campus Radio... Your voice to the World.
And as we approach the top of the hour, we join citizen Journalists across the globe as we cross to London and tonight's

newsreader James Craven...

SFX: News Theme

This is James Craven in London...
Tonight's breaking stories...
Anglican leaders in deadlock on gay marriage debate...
American space scientists baffled by probe results..
'Wicca'-versity wins recognition..
And on a lighter note, the academics that time separated but wiki did not..


Leaders of the Anglican church meeting in Oxford have remained deadlocked in a debate over the

churches position on gay marriage. The meeting was called by Archbishop <name> in response to concern by traditionalists, that the church was on the verge of recognising civil partnerships.

Campus Radio contributer Andrew Carter has been following developments. Good Evening Andrew....


<webcam> Good Evening...


So what developments?


There is still deadlock.


What seems to be the sticking point...


The traditionalist faction remain unconvinced, and are refusing to budge, there is talk of a schism.


This is despite a compromise suggested by the Bishop of Thame?


Although considered the Thame proposal was voted down. A further announcment is expe <breaks>


Is everything alright?

CARTER SFX (under): <sound of fire alarm>

... Sorry, the alarm is sounding and I've been asked to evacuate the building.


Andrew Carter, thank you.


<off mic> They've found what? <transmission break>


Apologies for the interruption,, We will return to Andrew Carter as soon as we can.
Continuing with our next item...
Scientists at the American space agency NASA are baffled by recent results from a

lunar probe. The probe which was designed to test for the presnce of water by impacting a crater on the moon are quoted variously as 'unexpected' or 'widely divergent' according to informed sources. NASA has not yet released a statement on the probe which was at first thought to be lost, following a larger than expected explosion on lunar impact.

A Nasa press conference is scheduled for 10 am Florida time tomorrow... '

And we are able to rejoin Andrew Carter with a breaking story...

CARTER (via phone)' SFX (under): CROWD

I am standing on the Western Parks Road in Central Oxford.
A large numebr of the College buildings in the area are being evacuated...
Police and college authorities are tight lipped as to the reason.
I am also getting reports that the Hollywell centre is also being cordoned off..

SFX:<sound of sirens>


Have the authorities told you anything?


We were only told to evacuate...


And no indication of likely cause?


No indication, although it has been suggested that animal liberationists may have targeted the University..


Thank ...

CARTER (cuts in)

There seems to be some movement...

SFX: Sirens....

I've just seen a police escort , with an army Land rover heading in the direction of the Holy...

SFX (breaks): There's a loud rumble, a deafening boom ,splintering glass, all the car/shop alarms are sounding...


This is Campus Radio, It appears that an incident in Oxford has temporarily broken our connection with

Andrew Carter.. Campus Radio is starting to get reports of further evacuations throughout the UK. It is unknown if the incidents are linked. Please contact Campus Radio if you have information on these incidents.

Although we are now returning to Network Control in Tampa, we may return to this story as it breaks....

Announcer :

This is Campus Radio. Owing to a developing news story we are now handing you to Don Murphy at the INBA offices in San Fransisco....

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