Collaborative Lesson Planning

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  • 2011 Exhibition at the Interactive Show
  • 2013 InService at The COC

to-do[edit | edit source]

  • develop some sort of emacs "package manager" for curriculums? K-12 lesson plans, syllabi, textbooks, etc., all hosted on github and easily downloadable by any administrator or teacher
    • school could then re-mix whatever materials they needed to suit their pedagogical and student needs, and release then update the "package" with all of their additions
  • create a standard lesson plan so that all teachers can use each oterh's stuff and get a context of what they're seeing, sort of like measurements in a recipe (Cf. Clay Shirky's "Cognitive Surplus).
  • write an article about CLP summarizing the process, before the next cycle of courses
    • find collaborators amongst people who are involved already
  • develop this enough to get it Wikipedia ready
  • start a CLP GNU mailing list?
  • read: