Cold War II/Evaluating sources

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Multiple sources use the term "Cold War II" and interchangeable terms, like "new Cold War" and "second Cold War". Other sources not using those terms may not count, and they include sources saying "since the Cold War" and "post-Cold War". However, some sources using those terms may not be reliable.

Article headlines can mention the term or any other term, but the rest of the article may not mention any of the terms.

If you are planning to improve the Wikipedia article "Cold War II", please find the terms before using the source. If it does not mention the terms, the source must not be used. If an article from a news source uses any term for just its headline without repeating the term(s) in the body article, using the source is normally discouraged, regardless of the publisher's (or host's) reputation. Nevertheless, the headline may be suitable for Wikiquote.