Coffee Farming

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What to expect[edit | edit source]

You will learn how to grow, protect and process coffee organically and on the scale of a small farm (anything from 1 – 10,000 coffee plants). You will learn how national and international coffee trade works and about various new trading options that allow to get better prices for your coffee. The book starts with general chapters, then adds specific chapters with knowledge for specific locations (esp. about producing coffee in Nepal, and selling in European Union countries).

Each chapter contains two parts. The first has a lot of detail and background knowledge. While useful for agricultural extension workers, it is too much for farmers who are just starting to grow coffee. For them, there is a second part, summarizing the first one in a way that is practice oriented and easy to understand. Later, these second parts will also be provided in local languages and as audio versions to make their use comfortable for farmers on their mobile devices, and even while doing practical work. (We call this course concept "pocket university".)

Table of contents[edit | edit source]

(All chapters that have been written so far are linked to their respective sub-pages.)

  1. Introduction
  2. Growing
    1. Selecting a Location
    2. Improving the Location
    3. Rooftop Farming
  3. Protecting
    1. Coffee White Stem Borer
  4. Trading
    1. Introduction
    2. Traditional Trade Chain
    3. Direct Sales
    4. Transportation
    5. Import and Export
  5. Processing
    1. Pulping
    2. Dry-Milling
    3. Sorting
    4. Roasting
    5. Grinding
    6. Packaging
  6. Coffee Around the World
    1. Coffee Knowledge for Nepal
    2. Coffee Knowledge for Germany
  7. Appendix
    1. Coffee Cheatsheet: Numbers and Calculations
    2. Idea Collection for Coffee Innovations