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Classical guitar Methods[edit | edit source]

"Method for the Spanish Guitar"

First published in French under the name “Méthode pour la Guitare” (Paris, 1830) and then translated in English under the name “Method for the Spanish Guitar” in 1832. This Famous method for the guitar has justly been called "the most remarkable book ever published on the guitar".

"Guitar School" (Escuela de guitarra, Madrid, 1825).

Nuevo Méthode para Guitarra (Madrid, 1843)

  • Matteo Carcassi (1792-1853) (Italy) - Méthode complète pour la guitare, op.59 (Paris, 1836)
  • Francisco Tárrega died before he was able to conclude his intention to publish a method of guitar at the request of the violinist Juan Manen.

Published in seven volumes.

[1] By Luke Dunlea

Additional incomplete information is available here: Classical guitar methods

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