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Type in the myth theory that form the basis for each definition.

1 Myths reflect strong fears and desires that are taboo and usually unable to be expressed in society.

2 Myths are the sum of all stories of a particular type within a cultural system; furthermore the meaning and interpretation of the myth is only clear when one views how it relates to the other myths in the same system.

3 Myths are distorted accounts of actual events in the distant past.

4 Myths serve to justify the status quo in a society, proving why institutions must support those in power.

5 Myths express characters and stories that are encoded into the human species in prehistory, and therefore express universal concerns.

6 Myths are attempts to explain features of the world, usually natural phenomena, such as rain, a specific geographic feature, or animals and their behaviors.

7 Myths are stories that developed to explain or accompany a ritual or series of rituals already in practice in a society.

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Classical Mythology Course
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