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1 Which of the following interpretations uses etiology?

Greek myth has Gaia as the first goddess, but Zeus taking over later because a patriarchal society actually took over a matriarchal society in prehistorical times.

Kronos castrates Ouranos because ritual castration was a way Indo-European tribes symbolically transferred power from a retiring chief.

A Greek guide points to a giant rock in Crete and says that it is the rock that Rhea gave to Kronos and that he swallowed and spit out on that spot.

The story of Kronos castrating Ouranos was passed down because of the strong taboo against wanting to harm one's father in prehistorical patriarchal cultures.

2 What theory of myth is implied in the following statement?
Many cultures have a female earth goddess because the earth bears "children" in the form of plants.



Freudian psychology


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Classical Mythology Course
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