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Type classification: this is a quiz resource.

1 Every quiz should start with the following code


Why do you think that is?

The {{quiz}} marks it as a quiz resource.

The <noinclude> tags keep that only the stand-alone quiz is marked as a quiz resource, not any of the lessons or other pages that include it

We can read up on how to encode quizzes at the help page Help:Quiz-Simple.

All of the above.

2 Every quiz should end with the following code

<noinclude>{{Classical Mythology/Foot|Put_Lesson_Name_Here}}
[[Category:Classical Myth Quiz]]

If you're so smart, why is that?

We should type in the lesson that the quiz is in where the code has Put_Lesson_Name_Here, right?


Freudian psychology


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Classical Mythology Course

Classical Mythology Course
Odysseus among the Sirens

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