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This article decribes the reuse of still usable foodstuffs found in city dumpsters to create highly nutritional compost (trough vermicomposting or other methods of composting (regular, mushroom composting, ...).


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At the moment, homeless people without jobs are already scavenging the cities' dumpsters in search for things they may use. With my proposal, they may do this for a living by sorting out the elements which are usable for vermicomposting and/or composting (mostly plant parts and vegetables, some animal meat or fish, ...) and return it to large or small scale -composting companies/facilities. The packaging itself may be left by these city dwellers at the dumpsters.


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This type of employment would not only give the slum dwellers better lives, but would also elevate the cities' security in decaying city blocks, the city's appearance, the financial situation in the city, ...

For the composting companies, this recycling of nutrients would be very cost-efficient for them as

  • they get nutrients to compost for free
  • the city dwellers can be payed at low fees

In addition, in respect to care for the environment, this project would also be very intresting. Finally as a last advantage, for the city itself (which needs to provide communal services as waste recycling, ...) this project would also be very intresting financially (as allot of waste disappears inmediatelly).


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Greenpeace, Slum Dwellers International, the Salvation Army, and other organisation may help in settinh up the project and composting companies can also assist by telling them about this idea and asking whether they are intrested in participating.

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  • Freeganism and outline of the project above
  • Guerilla gardening and subsistence techniques
  • Dumpster diving
  • Vermicomposting and regular composting

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