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Divine healing is the sort of healing that Jesus performed according to the gospels of matthew, mark, luke, and john. He healed all kinds of sicknesses, diseases, and plagues. This kind of healing is called divine, since it is not explainable in a scientific point of view.

According to the bible, Jesus laid his hands on people, and they was healed. Or He just spoke a word, and they was healed. One time, he took some mud, and smuthered it on a blind mans eyes, and said : "Go and wash it off in the lake". When the man had washed it of, he wasnt blind anymore.

This type of healing is often not recognized as valid or true, by most people in the world, since it is of a supernatural kind.

Even though some people dont believe in it, doesnt make it un-true. Infact, Jesus said that not only He would be able to heal sick people. But all his disciples, would be able to do the same thing.

Many christians has experienced that when they was going to try to heal someone, nothing happened.

The mistake that christians did before, was that they kind of asked God to heal the sick person, and they wasnt completely convinced that it would happen. So after they prayed once, they stopped, and wished the sick person well, and said that God might heal them eventually.

However, now a days, christians are starting to learn the right way to do it. And like driving a car, your have to do it the right way, to be successful.

Here I will explain one way to do it, that is proven to work:

1. When you pray, expect immediate results. eg.: If a person has pain in his knee, lay your hand on the knee, and just pray a short prayer. (Thank you God, that you will heal this knee. Amen). Or just anything that just comes naturally to you.

2. Immediately after the prayer, you tell the person to check his knee. Usually, the pain should be gone immediately.

3. But if the person still feels the pain, you pray one more time, and tell the person to check it again. If its still not gone, do the same thing again. Do it over and over again, until the person is completely healed.

4. If nothing happens, you appologize to the person, and explain to the person that you are still practizing, and that you doesnt allways get it too work. So you need to take the blame yourself for the healing not to happen, and dont blame the person. Tell the person that you would like to try again in a few days time, if the person wishes too. Give him your contact-info, or take his, or just schedule an appointment.