Christian Thought From the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century

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In this course we study Christian thought of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century. Space and time allow only to pick a few representatives of each era that seem typical for their time and movement. The course is divided into three modules with each five units. Module 1 covers the eighteenth century, module 2 the nineteenth, and module 3 the twentieth century. The course participants are encouraged to research wider and deeper on their own [1].

Primary learning objectives for this course:

  • Logical, systematic, and competent active participation in online academic debate
  • Writing/publication skill for online encyclopedias (wikis)
  • Writing/publication skill for research essays

You will meet the objectives listed above through a combination of the following activities in this course:

Please read the essays "Colonialism", "Enlightenment", and "Liberalism" at SEP.

Please also read the essay "Theological Liberalism" at theopedia.

Recommended text:

• James C Livingston: Modern Christian Thought, The Enlightenment And the Nineteenth Century. 2006, 2nd ed. at Alban Books, [2] ISBN 080063795X.

This course will be delivered entirely online. You will use your Wikiversity account to login to the course. Every page of this course has a "tandem" discussion page that we will use to debate about form and content of the course page. Your favorite button should be the "edit" button of the discussion page.

Module 1: The Eighteenth Century

Module 2: The Nineteenth Century

Module 3: The Twentieth Century