Characteristics of developing economies

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Map of developing countries

Developing nations are those with low, lower middle, or middle incomes relative to other countries. Common characteristics of developing countries are low levels of living characterized by low income, inequality, poor health and inadequate education.Also they are countries with low Human Development Index

Low levels of living are not only in relation to their counterparts in rich nations, but also in relation to the small elite class within their own countries. These low levels of living are manifested quantitatively and qualitatively in the following

  • a general sense of malaise and hopelessness.
  • a low gdp (gross domestic product)

Many people in developing nations fight a constant battle against malnutrition, disease and ill health. In least developed countries life expectancy in 1998 averaged only 48 years, 68 years among developing countries and 75 in developed countries.

In the 1990's in Asia and Africa, over 60% of the population barely met minimum caloric requirements needed to maintain adequate health.

Malnutrition, waterborne disease, and aids also afflict these countries while low literacy levels require significant school development.

Activities[edit | edit source]

  1. Consider: if you could create your own country, what would it be like? What would you call it? What are the rules?

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