Certified Health Education Specialist

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In the field of health education, one available certification is the Certified Health Education Specialist, or CHES. This certification can show that the health educator has met rigorous, peer-developed and reviewed standards of competence established by the National Commission on Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC).

A CHES might be a valuable employee because they are trained to assess the environment and population, plan programs to improve the health of the population, and implement said programs effectively. Furthermore, a CHES is a great resource of information on health for the employees and the community.

A CHES might save money because of the effectiveness of health programs. Healthy employees can work more efficiently and will use less sick days, and a CHES might lead employees toward better health behaviors. Employing a CHES might show the community that your company cares about health.

For more information on hiring a CHES or helping current employees become certified, contact NCHEC online at www.nches.org