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Ceramics- are objects made from clay that permanently retain their shape after they have been heated to specifics temperatures. Ceramic Vocabulary crossword Puzzle

Mosaic art- is a form of art made with Colored tiles. The tiles are not all the same size or color. It would be very hard to make a mosaic art piece because you would have to make sure that all the tiles would fit together before you put the grout on. Slideshow and Collaborations

Gus Scott- Has been working in the studio in Golden Bay, New Zealand. He was trained in Wellington as a photoengraver and Lithographer. Gus perused the graphic arts through Black and White photography and etching. Attending Auckland Technical Institute (A.T.I.) and later studying art history at Auckland University. He went to London to work into the Art Department of Burnings Advertising. On returning to N.Z., Gus began painting and working part time in the music-business. Slideshow of Gus Scott's Art work

LOu Moser- She was brought up on the outskirts of Vienna in a hotel. During her childhood she became exposed to the art of Waldmüller, Klimt and Hundertwasser. Which later became a source of inspiration in her artistic career. Exploring the ceramic medium, free of institutionalized influences, she developed her own ways of working with the medium, using her own mixtures of clay and glazes often incorporating mosaic elements. LOu lives in Golden Bay with her partner, painter and musician Gus Scott, and their daughter Tallulah at Pigeontoe Studio. Slideshow of LOu Moser's Art work