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Lesson Topic - Hard Slab Construction by Amanda B


Essential Question -

  • How do you make a hard slab piece?

More Vocabulary

Powerpoint -

  • Give handout - Handout
  • Give Pictures of examples of Hard Slab Pieces

More Hard Slab Pictures

More Hard Slab Pictures


History: Discuss hard slab artists, using powerpoint (20 min)


Cut out five rectangular pieces of clay, (base and sides of pot) Explain the steps in drying a piece of clay, then connect a side to the base, showing the “slip and score” process (10 min)

Supplies needed for demonstration: Clay, hard board or table, tools to bevel edges, and cut pieces out, brushes and slip

Worktime: (5 days)

  • Day 1- cut out design for pot or sculpture, let pieces dry a little over night (still being covered, but not completely)
  • Day 2- start connecting semi-dried pieces together to form the shape of your object by beveling the edges, slipping and scoring
  • Day 3-5- finish connecting last pieces, put in kiln to fire, glaze the finished project, then fire again for the last time

Lesson Detail[edit]

Worktime -

  • 1. Give a demo of how to make the ceramic piece. (15 minutes)
    • Supplies – Clay, clay tools
  • 2. Students draw 3 sketches of ideas for their piece. (45 minutes)
    • Supplies – Paper, pencils
  • 3. Students wedge out clay and cut out shapes for their piece, then let pieces dry a little overnight (while still being covered). (2 days)
    • Supplies – Clay, clay tools
  • 4. Put together pieces and put finishing touches. (2 days)


  • Participation and meeting deadlines.
  • Overall piece construction.
  • Following instructions.
"Grading Rubric" Excellent Average Poor
Participation(40 Points) Excellent Average Poor
Visual construction(30 Points) Excellent Average Poor
Following Instructions(30 Points) Excellent Average Poor


  • Experience Clay
By: Maureen MacKey, Published 2003 by Davis Publications Inc.