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Nature of the project

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  1. Project purpose:
    1. The caregiving and dementia wiki is a knowledge transfer project, initiated by the NSW/ACT Dementia Training Study Centre, which seeks to collate and build open materials about caregiving and dementia.
    2. For more information, see About.
  2. Free and open knowledge resources:
    1. This wiki project seeks to build on, and develop, free and open knowledge resources about caring for people with dementia.
    2. This means that contributed content must be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution or Share-alike licenses or be in the public domain.
    3. For a quick overview of copyright, creative commons, and creating shared culture, see these videos:
      1. A shared culture (03:10 mins)
      2. Copyright and creative commons (4:00 mins)
    4. More about copyright and licensing will be discussed during the wiki skills section.
  3. What is a wiki?:
    1. To get started with using and contributing to a wiki, it is important to understand "What is a wiki?":
    2. Wiki - the Wikipedia article about wikis
    3. Wikis in Plain English (Commoncraft; 4 min video which explains wikis)
  4. What is Wikiversity?:
    1. The caregiving and dementia wiki is currently hosted using Wikiversity. Learn more about Wikiversity:
    2. What is Wikiversity? - An introductory overview of the Wikiversity project
  5. What is the Wikimedia Foundation and what are the sister projects?
    1. Wikiversity belongs to an ecology of specific wikis, collectively known as the "sister projects" which are hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organisation.
    2. The sister projects include:
      1. Wikipedia (for encyclopedic content)
      2. WikiNews (for news)
      3. commons:Wiki Commons (for images, audio, and video)