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Make and read a bar graph with different colored candies. Suitable for 4-6. This activity works best with Starburst candies, as the graph has been tailor made to work with them.

(However, it can also work with smaller candies, such as Skittles, which only have 4 colours as well. This graph only goes up to 10, so "fun size" or smaller bags of Skittles are best - otherwise you will run out of room!).

Candy bar graph made with Starburst candies


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  1. Demonstrate how a bar graph works by placing one candy in a square, and drawing a line with your finger to the '1'. Do the same with a candy in a different color.
  2. Let your child fill up the rest of the graph
  3. Do not count the candy! Use the numbers on the graph to figure out how many candies are in each column. It may help your child to draw a line with your finger in order to find the number.