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Why?[edit | edit source]

Our heart goes out to all those badly infected with CoVid19 as well as all those put in financial difficulty. We feel immense gratitude and admiration for all hospital workers and researchers. For all of them, it is of course about survival.

And what about the rest of us?
Is all we can do to respect the government measures, suppress our fears and hope it all gets over soon? Hell, no!
Let our guts speak: this unseen and also scary situation is an unprecedented historic opportunity to collectively grow, sense and step into the more beautiful world we would like to live in. Could you ever have imagined a situation, in which:

  • Millions of people simultaneously (have to) step out of the hamster wheel of life, that maintains and is the result of a currently crumbling, personally unfulfilling, inhumane, unsustainable system
  • Millions of people simultaneously are in a state of inner alert, an energy that we can consciously use to be more fully alive and present in every cell of our bodies
  • Millions of people simultaneously feel the essential interdependence, relational nature of us human beings
  • Millions of people simultaneously have time to sense, to be, instead of just functioning
  • Millions of people simultaneously spend more time with themselves and their close ones, and we don't have our usual "feeling escapes" such as consumption, travel or café visits ;)
  • Millions of people simultaneously are reunited intensely with their children and their children’s learning and unfolding process
  • Millions of people experience that it is possible to change all of our societal systems (work, transport, education), if there is a sufficiently strong collective need or desire for it

Let’s collectively seize this opportunity! It is the most life-affirming, responsible and also joyous thing we can do right now!

What do you sense in yourself? What insights are you gaining from this unusual situation? How do you want to BE, to show up, from which place do you want to act at this moment, in this world? Given that everything is possible, what world does your heart want to live in? And what is one small step you can do now, to step into this being and contribute to creating this more beautiful world?

What?[edit | edit source]

Let us use this historic opportunity to:

  1. Share corona-related EMERGENCY SUPPORT OFFERS (for emotional, physical, and spiritual help)
  2. INSPIRE ourselves to start the path towards a more beautiful world
  3. EMBRACE WHAT IS PRESENT- connect to what is alive within us and our close ones (including fear and anxiety)
  4. IMAGINE a more beautiful world based on our heartfelt desires
  5. EXPERIMENT a more beautiful world, one step at a time, one experiment at a time
  6. SHARE our insights

How?[edit | edit source]

  • Share any heart-widening resources or information for the 5 categories + share this website link widely
  • Absorb what resonates with you from this website and let it pour into your home life