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The C957T gene polymorphism is a single nucleotide synonymous mutation located within the coding region of the DRD2 gene. Rather than being ‘silent’ the C allele influences mRNA stability and translation. As a result, the C allele alters dopamine-induced up-regulation of the D2 receptor. [1] Individuals with the CC genotype make a greater number of preservative errors on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test [2] and exhibit a reward-related impulsivity endophenotype in response to acute psychosocial stress. [3] The CC genotype interacts with the COMT Val158Met polymorphism [4] and is associated with schizophrenia. [5] The CC genotype also interacts with the TaqI-A polymorphism of the ANKK1 gene and is associated with dissocial personality disorder. [6]

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